Two things define every person in two situations in life


Patience Quotes


Two things define you.

Your Patience when you have


And your attitude when you have


Two Rules of life

  • Your Patience when you have nothing


Two thing define life

This is the first major thing specially for those peoples who belong to poor families and are not much wealthier at this testing time your attitude to others and relatives, in this situation you must have to be Patience, you must  be thanks to ALLAH for that things you have and hope for the best in future, just keep working hard and and wait for the good time.

But remember that wherever you are working just be sincere with your work you would be get reward, early or later, in this work or may be any other place. so wait for right time and keep Patience.

and remember one more thing about patience that

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.


  • Your Attitude when you have everything

The second major fact about life is that your attitude when you have everything, a men or women after long journey of life from bottom pillow to top pillow he reach to his stop and get his/her reward now then you must think about your past life from where you belong and how you struggle and come to this point don’t think Arrogant and don’t be Arrogant, be humiliate and show humility when meet other peoples.

And thanks for ALLAH that ALLAH give you everything according to your desire.


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