The Two Faced World | Actual Reality Between Muslims and Jews




The Reality of Two Faced World


Two faced world. In todays world media is blaming Muslims as Terrorist! Let’s see this image and think about it. And decide what is wrong and what is right. Who is wrong and who is right. what is the real face of this fake world. Now i will tell you three same thing which are doing the people of both Religions. But media is showing one as peaceful and the second as non-peaceful. let’s check it.

Growth of Bread Between Jew and Muslims

  • Have you ever think about it that when a Jew Man grow his beard to practice his faith. Nobody say’s that he is Extremist and he is terrorist and mostly nobody tell him Taliban. But when the same thing does the Muslims. He is labeled as extremist.

Women Cover Herself from Head

  • A Nun can cover herself from head to toe to devote herself to God. But when a Muslim does the same, She is considered Oppressed. Now mostly in European countries Muslim womens are wrongdoing by their government and by other peoples. But no body is looking toward the Jewish Nun. She is also cover herself.

Defending the Land

  • The third thing which is almost going in all over the world is war. Mostly in the Muslim countries. Which are war effected by Americans army and (NATO Army). Who are killing innocent people in the Muslims countries. USA is saying that they are defending their lands. Army of all countries who are in NATO all the army called as Hero. But when Muslims defend for their land, they are labeled as Terrorist.

Decision is yours let’s think about it for little time.

When a 30 years old young man in army suite kill a small child of 5 or 6 years. The killer is become a hero, and that small child of 5 years who is not know his name is called as terrorist.

Media is playing big role to change the minds of people. Look at the Hands five fingers are not equal. Just like that bad and good peoples are everywhere in the world. We can not bring peace in this world with hate in our hearts. Only search positive things in Human. Never thing about religion, black and white, big and small, poor and rich. Peace is about Humanity, be treat everyone as Human.

That was the little story of two faced world. If you find this article informative and true share this with your friends.

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