Rights of women in Islam | Before Islam and after Islam

Rights of Women in Islam

Rights of Women in Islam

The Real Status and Rights of Women

Before Islam

Buried alive just after birth.

Divided like wealth in inheritance.

Believed to be a sign of humiliation and embarrassment.

Birth of a daughter believed to be a curse.

After Islam

A source of bounty and blessing as a wife.

Safety from hellfire as a daughter.

As a mother, Paradise lies under her feet.

Birth of a daughter a cause of blessings.

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Quotes on Women Empowerment | Women’s day Quotes

Here is the  best quotes about women empowerment.

Or we can say that quotes for women power .

Best Quote about women empowerment.


women empowerment quotes


Dear Men.

Close your eyes.

Imagine you have a Daughter.

Imagine she is dating a guy

just like you.

Did you smile? No.

Then Change.



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