12 Free Stranger things to remember in the book of life


  • The Past can’t be changed

This is not Strange but important stuff in life that we can’t change our past, if we look back in our past life there will some good stuffs and some bad stuffs we had made but we only can thing about these we can’t change it. Good things always make you happy when you think about these and also make you sad it because of we miss that golden moments of life which we spends with friends and relatives and bad things we can’t change but some things that have compensation.


  • Stranger Opinions don’t define your reality

The second best point of the life is your opinions that you are separate from your opinions let’s take an example of Addict Peoples mostly of them have great ideas and opinions but it can’t change the reality of these addict peoples.


Stranger things in life


  • Everyone Journey is different

As we know all that life himself is a journey but in the life everybody have their dreams and goals and everybody suffer according to their thinking so everyone journey is different.

  • Things get better with time

That is also strange thing to remember in the book of life that everything in life is going better with age from childhood to an old age human life have different demands.

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