Best Muslim Stories about Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi

Aslam-o-Alikum friends today I will share one of the best story from the frame of Muslim Stories about the great Muslim leader named “Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi”.

Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi Story of One Night.

According to daily Routine one night the Great Muslim leader Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi was on petrol. He saw an Artisans who was sleeping beside Oven. Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi lifted him and ask a question that.

Who is that? He said that he is a poor worker, full day work here at Oven Shop and at the night time sleeps beside the Oven.

Then Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi asked to him that how you spend this cold night of winter’s without anything. The answer of artisans shocked the Sultan Ghaznavi.

Artisans says that dear leader! Half night is to live like you and the remaining half is to live better than you.

Sultan becomes surprised and asked to him that how?Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi Muslim Stories

Artisans said to sultan that until the oven remains hot I enjoy sleeps like you. And when the oven becomes cool I wake up and starts Worship ALLAH. Which is better use of time then you.

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