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My aim of life is also to give you some good articles and cool science articles about short stories specially Stories for kids. If you have skills to learn something new and get inspirations from these short stories, this story will change your life. You are interested in physics, chemistry, biology or interested in science. Today is our story about scientist Thomas Edison. 

Now Come to the main character of story.


Do you know who was Thomas Edison?

Thomas Edison was famous scientist. His full name is Thomas Elva Edison, born in Milan, Ohio, which is the state of United State of America (USA). In 11 February 1847, he had American Nationality. One of the main thing of this precious person was Self-Educated. Teacher kicked him out of the school at the age of child. And he died at the aged (84 Years) 18 October 1931, in New Jersey, (USA).

Now Come to the Moral Story of Thomas Edison.



Short Story


World famous scientist Thomas Edison. One day he came to home from school, he held in hand a small envelope, which he give to his mother and say to his mother that teacher give this envelope to me and said that give to you. His mother open that envelope and read the letter. As she read the letter, tears come to her eyes and then she loudly read it that.

Your son is genius, and this school is small for him, and there are not intelligent and educated teachers to teach him, so you teaches him yourself.

After years when Thomas Edison becomes a famous scientist and her mother died. He was searching of some papers of his family. During the search at once he find that letter again. Which was read by her mother at his childhood. And now he read it himself. You know what was wrote in that letter.


Your son is Mentally disabled (autism), we can not keep him in the school, on that day Thomas Edison wrote in his diary that;
Thomas Edison was a (autism) mentally disabled child, but a great  famous women in history make him a scientist of century.


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