Relationship Between Life and Goals


How To Achieve Happy Life

Best Life Quotes

If the Plan doesn’t Work,

Change the Plan

Never The Goal of Life



Everybody have different questions in their minds that;

What is life?

What is Relationship life?

How i spend it in Past?

How is going now in Present?

and finally most important 

What to do next in future?


Now in Todays world everybody get bored from their life, and relationship life mostly that peoples who are hopeless and never try again and again,

the above quote describe the life in very beautiful, this is not only the quote, three lines or few words to read, every person in the world they have some dreams and goals, for example;

  • Traveling new place
  • Making new friends
  • Become a Doctor or Engineer
  • Become a Cricketer or Best Football Player
  • Get Wealth 
  • Fitness and Healthy
  • Internet and Gaming


it may be many others things  that people can do in their life, mostly people are addict to spend their life very simple this is also the best way to spend life,

What would be Future?

If you have some goals in your mind and you want to achieve that goals and you are going fails to achieve this and your plan is not working, don’t be worry about it there is always more other ways to get these goals, try the other way plan again and again and never become Hopeless, One day you will be successes in your life.

Remember that never left the.

  • Struggle
  • Courage 
  • Prays 
Your life would be Very Happy.



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