What is Life? Life and Sea Both Haven’t Ends

Life Best Quote

What is Life?


Life is like a Sea 

We are moving without end,

Nothing stays with us.

What remains is just memories of

Some people who 

Teaches us as waves.


What is life?

Life is same like big Sea, as people travels in sea they find no end of it, just moving and go forward, same like that life is moving and days of our life decreases life go forward, what is remain in the past it is only Good and bad memories or moments which we spend with peoples.

Good Peoples always give happiness in life encourage and guide positive things, it’s because the love and wants your life more better than the now. but some times teaches from bad people also force you to do something. We all needs to make good friends spend this little life with happiness and try to never hurt anyone always think positive for others as well as yourself.

so  Live each day as if it were your last day, because tomorrow may never come. and always remember that life is not about falling it’s about getting back up.



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