The Greatest Quote Ever, Small Quote But Big Meanings


Great Quote

Your Greatness is Not

What You Have,

It’s What You Give.

Greatest Quote Ever :

Ever Wealth, Health, Money, The Mansions, Big Buildings, Youth Springtime, Everything you have now is not showing that you are great person with all these things, and these all things are meaningless if you have not mercy in you, these all are non profitable and not showing the Human Greatness, it’s not about that what you get, achieve it’s about what you give to the others.

For example;

If you have dinner in Five Star Hotel and your neighbor sleeps hungry so this is not your greatness to eat in five star hotel.

Travel alone at Right way is better than Travel at Wrong Way with Crowd.

This Beautiful Greatest Quote Ever is not for the reading that read one time and just forget about these lines, need to read these three or four lines carefully and must think about it that what does it mean just imagine it is wrote you you and than think what you have and look around you other poor peoples that what they have and what you can do for that people this is the Real Greatness of Human Being and this is Humanity.

And don’t think that others peoples are not helping poor or not donating so why you donate in this case don’t think about these peoples because everybody have his own role in the life just play your role carefully, other peoples are going to the Wrong Way  so don’t travel with them it’s better that Travel alone at Right Way.

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