Do you know People are created for what

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People are created to be loved.

Things are created to be used.

The reason why the world is

in chaos is because

Things are being loved and

People are being used.


Do you know People are created for what?

and things are created for what?

Using of thing and peoples are totally going wrong now in todays world, in todays modern and fast world there are no value of people and humans, humanity is almost dead because of the things, that things which are created for the used mostly people are going wrong because that things are created for the human use not for the loves, we can easily sea around us and would found very people who loved their things like; (Mobile, Cars, Computers, Clothes, etc.), they loved these things more than other peoples and also my be their relatives.

The price is human in nowadays almost dead and become zero and everyone in the world is in a Human Life Race to become more wealthier from the others and also in a struggle to show others that we are modern and using new and expensive things in their daily life.

This is not the reality.

Reality is that all the things are created for the used not for the love, and all the peoples are created for the love not for the Use, let’s take an example of Robot,  if we compare it to a human body may be can work more than human but can’t think like that, Robot can work for you 24 hours non stop but he can not feel the human feelings, can’t share the happiness and sadness, but Human can do it, because People have mind for things, can feel, can share your happiness and Sadness, So this is an advice for all those peoples who love things more than people, Please love your Peoples around you not to things peoples will always remember you even you are live or dead. you would be always live in the mind of peoples.

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