Inspirational islamic story at the time of Faith Sultan Mohammad

When Muslims ruled the world an inspirational Islamic story for learning

inspirational Islamic story

Did you know that during the time of Faith Sultan Muhammad,

Muslims were searching for poor people for the several days to give their  yearly Zakat fund (Islamic tax) and when they couldn’t find someone, they put that Zakat fund in a bag and hang it on a tree with a note: “My Muslim brother i have searched for you, but i couldn’t find you. If you are in need, don’t hesitate to take this”.

And you know that this bag was remain on the tree for 3 months.

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10 Benefits of brush your teeth daily with best toothbrush Miswak or Chewing Stick

What is Miswak (Miswaak) or Chewing Stick?

The miswak (miswaak, siwak, sewak, Arabic: سواك‎‎ or مسواك) is an Arabic and Urdu Word, and it is a teeth cleaning twig made from the (Salvadora Persica tree) also known as Arak and it can also twig many of other trees.

The miswak is predominant in Muslim-inhabited areas. It is commonly used in the Arabian peninsula, the Horn of Africa, North Africa, parts of the Sahel, the Indian subcontinent, Central Asia and Southeast Asia. In Malaysia, as well as also in Pakistan.



Benefits of Miswak or Chewing Stick?

There are 70 benefits of Miswak as known through ancient Islamic literature. The number of research have indicated that Miswak, when it is used properly, is a superb anti-microbial toothbrush for dental hygiene and gum infection cure. Also minimizing plaque and gingivitis, teeth whitening and relieving smelly breath, whilst giving you a nice mouth odor.

Scientists of today have not yet attempted the study of some of these boons, while others have been proven by labs effective as stated. The benefits of the Miswak range widely; however, the main ones we are examining concern oral health.

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The Two Faced World | Actual Reality Between Muslims and Jews




The Reality of Two Faced World


Two faced world. In todays world media is blaming Muslims as Terrorist! Let’s see this image and think about it. And decide what is wrong and what is right. Who is wrong and who is right. what is the real face of this fake world. Now i will tell you three same thing which are doing the people of both Religions. But media is showing one as peaceful and the second as non-peaceful. let’s check it.

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